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Your donations will help our
salmon enhancement programs

Did you know there are several ways to support us? 

JOIN US!   We always need enthusiastic volunteers and members to help out in so many
different experiences. There are also incredible hands-on educational opportunities for youth and adults.


  • Any donation is welcome.   We are a registered charity, number 119075315RR0001.
    Tax receipts are automatically given for $50 donations or more, all others are by request.
  • Use the “DONATE NOW” button above
  • Mail a cheque, payable to “The Oyster River Enhancement Society”. 
  • Bring empty cans and bottles to the Return It Depot in Campbell River or Courtenay.   Just let them know you want to donate them to the Oyster River Enhancement Society.


Dear members,
With government funding ever more insecure, ORES is seeking creative new ways to provide the secure long-term funding that our society needs. One idea we have come up with is to encourage members to remember ORES in their will. And we have some encouragements for you.
Our idea builds on an initiative first established ten years ago. At that time, when ORES was in financial difficulties, a group of members generously contributed enough money to give ORES a 5-year lifeline on operating costs. Enterprisingly, the group was known as ‘Charley’s Angels’, named for one of our long serving volunteers.
Five years ago, ‘Charley’s Angels’ formalized a Fund at the Vancouver Foundation, (VF), with 50% of the Fund’s annual earnings sent to ORES each fall. Thanks to some generous contributions, the Fund has grown five times since its inception and ORES will likely receive $20,000 from the Fund this year. ORES annual operating budget is currently $80,000 a year and our hope and goal is to grow the Fund 4X, to put ORES on a firm foundation for the future.
We are asking ORES members to consider including a contribution to the Fund in their will, or indeed to add a Codicil to their existing will. Here are the encouragements: The ‘Charley’s Angels Conservation Society’, (CACS), has arranged with Tees Kiddle Spencer (TKS), a Campbell River law firm, to provide ORES members with the legal support for a will which includes such a bequest, at 75% of their normal fee schedule. Additionally, if any ORES member commits to leave $25,000 or more to the Fund, CACS will pay up to $1,000 towards that member’s legal costs, (whether with TKS or their own personal lawyer), on a strictly confidential basis. Neither CACS nor ORES will be given the donor’s name unless requested by the donor. Furthermore, the member’s estate will receive a charitable donation receipt.
CACS is a BC registered society with an independent and volunteer Board of Directors, (currently Bruce Bell, Dean Wyatt and Ron Gammie). These volunteers coordinate with VF on behalf of ORES. Only ORES may benefit from the Fund and any future CACS Board member must be an ORES past President. Thanks for helping ORES move on into the future!

In an effort to aid the fundraising efforts of the Oyster River Enhancement Society (“ORES”), my law firm, TKS Lawyers is offering discounted fees to will clients who make a testamentary gift for ORES’s benefit through the Vancouver Foundation. The Vancouver Foundation is the trustee of the Oyster River Conservation Fund benefiting ORES.
One of the main advantages of a testamentary gift for deposit the Oyster River Conservation Fund is that the Vancouver Foundation is able to issue a charitable tax receipt to donor estates.
I have indicated below some sample will clauses for illustrative purposes. Keep in mind that every will is individual and subject to the will maker’s specific instructions and intentions.
“I give my Trustee all my property of every kind and wherever located to administer as I direct in this Will. In administering my estate, my Trustee may convert or retain my estate as set out in paragraph […] of this Will.
I direct my Trustee to hold that property on the following trusts:
To give to Vancouver Foundation, of 200-475 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC, charitable registration #11928 1640 RR0001, the sum of [amount of bequest or percentage of residue] to be added to the Oyster River Conservation Fund”
Bequests made in the above format will qualify as charitable donations that may reduce the tax payable by the will maker’s estate.
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment to discuss estate planning, please do not hesitate to contact me, Jay Havelaar at 250-287-7755 or, or my assistant Tracy Petersen at 250-287-7755. We would be happy to discuss any aspect of your estate plan including pricing and expected fees.



Oyster River Enhancement Society
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